Prospective Technologies—
Industry Pioneers in "Body Part  Markings

Let our technologies increase your market share.

Anti-theft products were developed by Prospective Technologies, Inc. over 20 years ago to provide protection for personal property owners. As an agent or dealer, these permanent, tamper-resistant labels, and vehicle marking systems provide powerful profit tools for you.

Our company develops and markets
body part marking systems manufactured exclusively for Prospective Technologies by Avery Dennison. These anti-theft security marking systems may be used for everything from stereo equipment to recreational vehicles.

Why do our technologies work? Because marked items that are traceable by police are more difficult for thieves to fence. If thieves are aware that vehicle or home items are marked, they are likely to move on to the next–unmarked target.


     anti-theft devices,label identification systems


  Prospective Technologies' products include: Invisigraphic® High-tech Labels  for motor vehicles that leave an invisible footprint, Window Etching systems  for motor vehicles, window warning stickers, and Invisible Marking Pens that can be used on any item, leaving a mark that is only visible under an ultraviolet light.

Our flexible Agent and Dealer programs are designed to maximize your profit dollars. Flexible packaging? We can do it. Private branded products? No problem. Prospective Technologies will even provide you with convenient Box Kits  that are perfect for aftermarket sales.

If you are an automotive dealer or agent, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Prospective Technologies line of Anti-theft products is the obvious choice to increase sales.

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