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Prospective Technologies Inc. is a California company incorporated in 1982 that develops and markets anti-theft products to permanently mark personal property, primarily automobiles.

The primary products sold by Prospective Technologies are an automobile body part marking system and an etching product for windows. They are covered under U.S. Patents 4,976,456 (Dec. 1990); 4,987,287 (Jan. 1991) and 5,151,572 (Sept. 1992), and represent significant advancements in vehicle identification marking technology by providing proven, cost-effective security that deters theft and increases the recovery of stolen vehicles and parts. Should vehicles marked with these technologies be stolen, a variety of warranty benefit packages are available.

Prospective Technologies offers these technologies under its own brands, Invisigraphic® and StenciLight™. In addition, Prospective Technologies also provides body part labels, window etching products and window warning stickers under private-brand names to vehicle dealerships, agencies and manufacturers who provide their own benefit package if the vehicle is stolen.

These private-brand products have been used by automobile manufacturers, such as Nissan and Volkswagen; insurance companies, such as Farmers, State Farm and Progressive; automobile, motorcycle and recreational vehicle dealerships; and agencies that represent dealerships.

The body part marking system is available in 4-, 6- or 10-label sets. All include an invisible "footprint" that embeds a unique code into the painted sheet metal parts of the vehicle. Even if the label is removed, this technology allows the identification numbers to remain embedded in the painted metal part. These markings make the vehicle less attractive to potential thieves. Marked vehicles are more difficult to fence than unmarked vehicles because the entities that deal in stolen vehicle parts do not want parts that can be traced by law enforcement. In order to fully remove the Invisigraphic markings, the thief would have to remove the labels (which are very difficult to remove) and strip the paint that holds the embedded code. The amount of time needed makes the vehicle an unattractive target.

The StenciLight™ product etches permanent codes onto the windows of motor vehicles. Prospective Technologies also offers other products to mark personal belongings.






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