Box Kits for Home and Auto傍he perfect thing to increase your aftermarket sales!

Prospective Technologies has its auto and home security marking systems available in attractive box kits. If you are an agent, this is a great selling tool to illustrate to dealers how to use the system, and are perfect for dealer after market sales.

The Auto Box Kit contains:

• 10 Invisigraphic® labels to place on the
   body metal parts of a vehicle.
• Two Window Warning Stickers
• A 3-year $2,500 Warranty
• Illustrated application instructions
• Car rental discount tickets for Hertz, National and Avis

The Home Kit contains:
• Two home Window Warning Stickers
• One Invisible Marking Pen
• One Security Marking Log
• One Ultraviolet Light



There is also a combination kit for home and auto available that includes all of the above items.

These anti-theft product Box Kits can be used as promotional gifts to increase your exposure or market share. You do none of the administration. The end user completes the paperwork and紡s an agent or dealer幌ou do nothing but collect the additional $$ these Box Kits bring in. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Why wait? Contact us  today to reserve your Anti-theft product package!

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