What Our Customers Say

"Pre-marking our vehicles with anti-theft products like Invisigraphic helped us reduce our insurance. So in addition to making money off this product, it helps with our costs while the vehicles are waiting to be sold." -- Michael Kormann, dealer principal

" Whether our PDI department is pre-loading the labels or if we sell the labels as an aftermarket product, we have found that they are effective and very easy to put on. The instructions are clear and marking a car with the labels only takes about five minutes." -- Rob Celano, service director

" What we like about the product already being on the car, is that the customer has already seen it by the time he gets into my office. Our salesman has already pointed out the labels on the hood lip or inside the door and let the buyer know about it. That way it's an easier sale on my end -- the product's already on the car, the customer already knows what it's for, and all they have to do is decide whether they want to purchase the $2,500 warranty." -- Misael Serrano, F&I director

"Like I tell my customers, you cannot have too much protection on your car. You need layers. So even if the vehicle I'm selling has an alarm, I still suggest getting Invisigraphics. An alarm can be disabled, but Invisigraphic can't. It's on the car parts and it's embedded in the paint, so it can't be pulled off." -- Todd Stover, F&I director

"Our store is near a high-theft area and our customers appreciate having anti-theft devices that are already installed. They also appreciate that the body parts are covered, not just the windows. Thieves are looking to sell those parts, not the whole vehicle, and they'd rather not have them marked." -- Alex Alvarez, dealer principal

"Unfortunately, our store did have a customer whose vehicle was stolen -- even with the product. But Invisigraphics paid her the $2,500 warranty, and together with her insurance check, she was able to replace her vehicle." -- Niki van den Hurk, dealer principal

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