What the Experts Say

“Using anti-theft products such as part marking products with the VIN or other identifiable numbering systems act as a theft deterrent because thieves know that it is more difficult to sell stolen vehicles with such anti-theft products installed or applied to the vehicle.”
-- Dave Ecklund, International Association of Auto Theft Investigators

“… [V]ehicle marking programs have been shown to reduce auto theft by as much as 37 percent. This is one more way we can protect our customers.”
-- Farmers Insurance Company

According to the Insurance Information Institute, there are currently 13 states that require insurers to give car owners discounts on their comprehensive insurance for anti-theft devices. These states (Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Washington) all recognize the benefits of protecting a vehicle with some sort of anti-theft system.

Insurance companies also recognize the benefits. Farmers Insurance Company, who has a private label brand of the Invisigraphic product manufactured for Prospective Technologies, waives its theft deductible of up to $250 if the vehicle is stolen while marked by the anti-theft label. Farmers, the third-largest home and auto insurer in the United States, knows that vehicle marking is an excellent theft-deterrent that saves money for both the insurance company and the customer. As the company noted in a recent press release: "Because auto thieves know a marked vehicle can be quickly and easily traced, these vehicles are stolen less often and are recovered with much less damage than unmarked vehicles."

Check with your insurance provider to determine if they offer discounts or waivers for personal property or motor vehicles marked with an anti-theft system like Prospective Technologies’.




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