Private-Brand Products

What do companies such as Nissan, Volkswagen,         
Farmers, State Farm, and Progressive all have in common?

They all chose use the  Prospective Technologies private-brand Anti-theft product line. This allows them to administer their own program and provide their own warranty, while having the additional exposure of  their name on the product. Companies that want to use the Invisigraphic® label technology can choose our private-brand label product, as well as private-brand versions of the window etching product and the window warning stickers.

These private-brand body part label products have all the advantages of the Invisigraphic®  and StenciLight™  products, including being manufactured
exclusively for Prospective Technologies by Avery Dennison.

The private-brand body part label also has the SmartFootprint™  technology, which embeds the label’s unique code into the painted metal, so that even if the label is removed, the code is visible under an ultraviolet light.

Under the private-brand program, body part label products and window warning stickers are branded with your company name and logo. If your company does not have an established logo, Prospective Technologies can help in designing the artwork for the body part labels and window warning stickers.

Flexible packaging of Private-brand label sets include: 4-label, 6-label and 10-label sets.

Put your logo on our Window Warning Stickers!

It is essential in the marking process that potential thieves know that the items they are attempting to steal are marked and traceable by police. Without that warning, marking systems are less effective in preventing theft.

Prospective Technologies provides a wide variety of window warning stickers that caution that our products are in use in either the home or vehicle. The window stickers all incorporate a large “WARNING” statement that the items marked are traceable by police.

These stickers are available in a Mylar film  or on a reflective surface that is particularly  visible at night. Your logo is easily incorporated  into the design, giving your company  additional exposure.




If you want Additional Profit Dollars, Increased Exposure, and More Repeat Customers, Prospective Technologies Private-Brand Anti-theft product line is everything
you're looking for

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