StenciLight™ Window Etching

In addition to Invisigraphic® labels and Private-Brand labels to mark a motor vehicle’s metal parts, Prospective Technologies also has a way of permanently marking windows.

StenciLight™ uses patented technology to create sharp stencils for window etching. The pre-cut, polyester film, which can have either the vehicle identification number or a special code laser cut into it, is applied to specific locations on the vehicle’s windows.

A chemical compound is then applied to etch the glass. Once the compound dries, the stencil is removed and only the “frosted” characters remain on the window.

Avery Dennison, the nation’s premier label company, manufactures the stencils exclusively for Prospective Technologies. Because the stencils are laser-cut, the characters etched onto the glass are sharp and extremely clear.

StenciLight™ is available in 4- or 6-label sets and is OEM approved.

Invisible Marking Pens

How can you mark personal property so that it can be traced by police if stolen, but not ruin its appearance? An Invisigraphic Invisible Marking Pen.

The pen can be used to imprint possessions with a code or specific number, such as a social security number or driver’s license number. The “ink” used in the pen does not leave a mark unless the item is viewed under an ultraviolet light.

The pen is non-toxic and can be used to mark electronic equipment, furs, furniture, jewelry, crystal, paintings, antiques, fire arms, tools and much more. When items are marked, the police can identify who the items belong to and return them.

Many home owner’s or renter’s insurance policies offer savings if valuables are
marked and cataloged.

And the pen is fun as well. Families can enjoy creating secret messages that can only be seen under the ultraviolet light. The pen’s many other uses are limited only by the imagination.



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